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Active Ingredient: Pentoxifylline

Trental is indicated for the treatment of patients with intermittent claudication on the basis of chronic occlusive arterial disease of the limbs.

Trental dient der Behandlung bei Patienten mit Claudicatio Intermittens basierend auf peripherer arterieller V...

Trental es indicado para el tratamiento de pacientes con claudicación intermitente sobre la base de la enferm...

Trental est indiqué pour le traitement de patients qui souffrent de claudication intermittente sur la base de...

Trental è indicato per il trattamento dei pazienti con la claudicazione intermittente sulla base di malattia ...

What is the cost Trental pill

Trental as known as: Agapurin , Angiopent , Artal , Artelife , Chinotal , Circulaid , Claudicat , Damaton , Dartelin , Difusil , Dospan-pento , Duplat , Durapental , Elorgan , Fixoten , Flexital , Hatial , Hemovas , Herden , Kentadin , Kinetal , Lentrin , Nelorpin , Oxifyl , Oxkine , Oxopurin , Oxpentifylline , Pentamon , Pentilin , Pentoflux , Pentofyllin , Pentoksifilin , Pentolab , Pentomer , Pentox , Pentoxifilina , Pentoxifyllin , Pentoxifyllinum , Pentoxil , Pentoxin , Pentoxyl-ep , Peridane , Perivax , Pexal , Pexol , Platof , Probifen , Rentylin , Reotal , Retimax , Sufisal , Tarontal , Tioxad , Tirentall , Torental , Trenat , Trenlin , Trentilin , Trentox , Trenxy , Vantoxyl , Vasofyl , Vasonit , Xipen

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