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Tamoxifen is used for treating breast cancer that has spread to other sites in the body.

Tamoxifen dient der Behandlung von Brustkrebs, wenn er Ausbreitungen im Körper hat.

Tamoxifen es usado para el tratamiento de cáncer del seno que se ha extendido a otras partes del cuerpo.

Tamoxifen est utilisé pour traiter le cancer du sein qui s'est propagé aux autres places du corps.

Tamoxifen si usa per curare il cancro alla mammella che si è diffuso nel corpo.

What is the cost Tamoxifen pill

Tamoxifen as known as: Apo-tamox , Ceadon , Cytotam , Defarol , Dignotamoxi , Emblon , Farmo , Genox , Jenoxifen , Kessar , Ledertam , Mandofen , Mastofen , Noltam , Nolvadex-d , Noncarcinon , Novo-tamoxifen , Oncotam , Oxeprax , Pms-tamoxifen , Riboxifen , Soltamox , Tadex , Tamexin , Tamofen , Tamone , Tamoplex , Tamox , Tamoxan , Tamoxifen citrate , Tamoxifencitrat , Tamoxifeni citras , Tamoxifeno , Tamoxifenum , Taxus , Technofen , Teenofen , Testamone , Zemide , Zitazonium

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