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Active Ingredient: Albuterol

Proventil is used for treating breathing problems in patients who have asthma or certain other airway diseases.

Proventil dient der Behandlung von Atemproblemen bei Patienten, die unter Asthma oder einigen Atembeschwerden ...

Proventil es utilizado para tratar los problemas respiratorios en los pacientes que tienen asma o otras enferm...

Proventil est utilisé pour traiter les problèmes respiratoires aux patients qui ont l'asthme ou les autres m...

Proventil si usa per trattare problemi di respiro in pazienti che hanno l'asma o altre malattie di rotta aerea...

What is the cost Proventil inhaler

Proventil as known as: Accuneb , Actolin , Aero-sal , Aeroflux , Aerojet , Aerol , Aerolin , Aerovent , Airmax , Albutol , Aldobronquial , Aloprol , Alvolex , Amocasin , Apsomol , As tazis , Asmacare , Asmadil , Asmalin , Asmatol , Asmol , Asmolex , Asmovent , Asnil , Astalin , Asthavent , Asthmotrat , Asul , Azmacon , Azmasol , Azmet , Bemin , Benareal , Broad , Brodil , Brolax , Broncho , Bronchosal , Bronchospray , Bronchovent , Broncobutol , Broncodil , Bronkolax , Bronsidal , Bropil , Brusal , Butahale , Butalin , Butamol , Buto asma , Buto-as , Butotal , Butovent , Butuhale , Buventol , Buventol easyhaler , Chiborin , Ciplabutol , Ciplabutol idm , Cybutol , Dandum , Derihaler , Duopack , Durasal , Ecosal , Ecovent , Ecutamolfarbutamol , Epaq , Etinoline , Etol , Fartolin , Fesema , Gerivent , Hasalbu , Hivent , Inbumed , Lasal , Medihaler , Medolin , Microterol , Nebutrax , Neoventil , Normobron , Ontril , Pädiamol , Pentamol , Provexel , Pulmolin , Pulvinal salbutamol , Renapirin ds , Resdil , Respiret , Respiroma , Respolin , Rhinol , Salapin , Salbetol , Salbit , Salbodil , Salbron , Salbu , Salbufar , Salbulair , Salbulin , Salbulind , Salbulis , Salbumed , Salbumol , Salbunova , Salburin , Salburol , Salbusandoz , Salbut , Salbutal , Salbutam , Salbutamed , Salbutamolo , Salbutamolsulfat , Salbutamolum , Salbutan , Salbutis , Salbutol , Salbutral , Salbuven , Salbuvent , Salden , Salgim , Salmaplon , Salmol , Salmolin , Salomax , Salsol , Saltos , Salustin cr , Servitamol , Spalmotil , Sulbion , Sultolin , Suprasma , Tolin , Unibron , Velaspir , Venderol , Venetlin , Venol , Vent-o-sal , Ventamol , Ventar , Venteze , Ventilan , Ventilastin , Ventimax , Ventisal , Ventmax , Ventol , Ventoline , Ventomax , Vifex , Vospire er , Windel , Yontal

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