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Active Ingredient: Letrozole

Femara is used for primarily treating certain kinds of breast cancer in women past menopause.

Femara dient der Behandlung von einigen Fällen von Brustkrebs bei Frauen, die in Menopause sind.

Femara es usada principalmente para el tratamiento de ciertos tipos de cáncer de seno en mujeres que han pasa...

Femara est utilisé principalement dans le traitement des certains types du cancer du sein aux femmes ménopau...

Femara si usa prima di tutto per trattare diversi tipi di cancro alla mammella in donne che hanno passato la m...

What is the cost Femara pill

Femara as known as: Aromek , Cendalon , Etruzil , Fecinole , Femaplex , Femar , Femtozone , Insegar , Kebirzol , Lametta , Leoncol , Letrol , Letropen , Letrosol , Letroz , Letrozin , Letrozol , Letrozolum , Levinox , Linol , Loosyn , Losiral , Loxifan , Mimor , Picozone , Trozet

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