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Active Ingredient: ergotamine caffeine

Cafergot is used for preventing and treating certain kinds of headaches (eg, migraines, migraine variants, "histaminic cephalalgia").

Cafergot wird zur Behandlung von Anfällen Migräneartiger Kopfschmerzen (z.B. Migräne mit und ohne Aura, Kop...

Cafergot es utilizado para prevenir y tratar ciertos tipos de dolores de cabeza (por ejemplo, las migrañas, l...

Cafergot est utilisé pour prévenir et traiter certains types de maux de tête (par exemple, la migraine,des ...

Cafergot si usa per prevenire e trattare alcuni tipi del mal di testa (per esempio emicranie, 'histaminic ceph...

What is the cost Cafergot pill

Cafergot as known as: Anervan , Avamigran , Cafatine , Cafcit , Cafeína , Caféine , Cafetrate , Caffedrine , Caffeine-ergotamine , Coffeavet , Coffecorn , Coffein , Coffeinum , Coffekapton , Ercaf , Ergam , Ergo-caff , Ergo-kranit , Ergokoffin , Ergomar , Ergonex , Ergotamin , Ergotamina , Ergotaminum , Ergotan , Ericaf , Guaranine , Gynergène caféiné , Lingraine , Mateine , Methyltheobromine , Migergot , Migranil , Synkapton , Theine , Trinergot , Wigraine

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